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Meet Kelsey

After advanced training with and working for elite skin care spas, Kelsey set out on her own and founded Amphora Skin— a whole body skin care service offering luxury spa treatments, medical facial treatments, waxing, and skin care maintenance. Kelsey comes to YOU! From in the comfort of your home or office, Kelsey expertly brings balance to your skin and relaxation to your body. Kelsey utilizes organic products, essential oils, and ayurvedic practices like reflexology and acupressure. She will also incorporate your own skin care products into your personal treatment. After consultation

Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate efforts.

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Helpful Information

  • Day and evening appointments available—7 days a week
  • Gift certificates available
  • Minimum charge of $50 /appointment
  • Services are gratuity free—thank you, but spend it on yourself!
  • Referrals are always welcomed and appreciated
  • Cash, Check or Credit Card Accepted

Below is a menu of treatment services offered by Amphora Skin. I have both day and evening appointment availability, seven days a week.
I would love the opportunity to meet with you, and introduce you to Amphora Skin. Stop the hassle of going to an expensive spa, or buying products that never do what they say they will. Let Amphora Skin pour luxury, balance, and convenience into your life!
Love and Wellness to You-
Kelsey Brown


You may simply enjoy the pampering and relaxation that comes with a facial treatment, but there are a multitude of other benefits that a facial offers your skin from a health and wellness perspective.

Amphora Signature Facial
$100 - 60 Minutes
A deep cleansing and exfoliation of the face, neck and decolletage, customized treatment mask, organic moisturizing, massage of the neck, hands and feet, scalp massage with essential oil, and a personalized recommended regimen.
Express Facial
$75 - 45 Minutes
A maintenance facial that includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the face, neck, and decolletage, a treatment masque, and organic moisturizing protection.

Treatment Boosters

Just as the name implies, these extra treatments bring added health and beauty to your skin prolonging its flawlessness, elasticity, and overall vibrancy. Each booster is approximately 20 minutes.

Dermaplane Exfoliaton
Epidermal leveling that brightens the complexion by sloughing off peach fuzz and dry, dead skin, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and aging. Your makeup will look airbrushed!
Perfecting Plant Peel
A natural approach to a glycolic acid peel, without the irritation or recovery time. A warming, botanical enzyme that instantly clarifies tone, smooths texture, and lifts and firms the skin. Your face will illuminate with youth!
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasiion and Oxygen Infusion
Ideal for all skin types, this gentle treatment firms and buffs the face, neck, and décolletage resulting in smooth, radiant, hydrated and glowing skin! A firming, brightening, or calming silk masque is applied immediately after the skin is exfoliated, and is introduced to the dermis through an oxygen infusing technique. The skin's natural collagen and elastin production is boosted, damaged, dull and problemaic skin is repaired, and skin density, firmness and bounce is restored.
Collagen Induction Therapy
An anti-aging treatment for the face, neck and décolletage, which utilizes a microneedling technique that triggers the natural collagen and elastin fibers to start re-producing and repairing. Aided by an organic collagen boosting trio of products, jade rolling and effleurage, the skin is instantly firmed, revitalized, and the moisture barrier is balanced. You’ll have bouncy, hydrated skin!
Collagen Focus Repair Therapy
A refined focus on specific areas of concern for mature or dehydrated skin. An advanced treatment collagen mask pack is applied to the lip, eyes, or neck, and is quickly absorbed into the dermis through jade rolling, micro current, effleurage, and heat. A great way to plump up your peskiest problems!
Deep Pore Extractions
Extensive micro current cleansing that effectively removes blackheads and debris from clogged pores. Perfect for skin with larger pores, acne inflammation, and T-zone oil.



Brows are the frame of your face. Illuminate your frame with a perfect, natural looking hue to match your mane.


Going to the beach or lake? Hate to wear mascara? Experience lashes colored with an organic dyeing treatment that lasts up to six weeks!


Lip or Chin - $20 •. Brow Shape - $25

Bikini - $25. •. Brazilian - $100

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